Vegan Chef who started out as a dancer and entertainer but always had an amazing gift to make amazing dishes for my friends and family. Ive had wear and tear problems due to my "High Impact " dancing until I met a natural health doctor who convinced me to convert to a vegan diet which caused me to re-generate my tissues from weak to strong. Due to the miraculous result, I changed my dishes to vegan but incorporated the same delicious seasonings and spices but minus the animal bi-products. My dishes are not only fun, but tasty and made with amazing energy that flows into my cooking and preparations.In addition to my cooking ,I also bring in a positive and funny ambiance into the kitchen in addition to giving tips to my client in regards to the nutritional values that my cooking brings to your home and your environment. I help the elderly, young and middle aged who want to gain strength in addition to satisfying your palate.My dishes vary from American,Caribbean ,Italian to latin with love,comedy ,accompanied by an amazing personality with a Special touch of entertainment!!!
Looking forward to making you feel amazing!!!

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