Patrick S

I am a self-made aspiring chef that has experience with many methods and tools, including but not limited to sous vide precision cooking, insta-pot cooking and grilling, along with proficient knife skills. I will be attending Kendall College in July to earn a degree in Culinary Arts and looking to gain some customer-based experience. I cook for myself everyday and have built a decent collection of recipes that are healthy and perfect for those professionals who like to meal-prep for their work week.

Outside of my current professional job as a CPA at PricewaterhouseCoopers, cooking is my main hobby and I find no greater joy than feeding others. Feeding yourself is vital to everyday life and when you do not have the time or capacity to cook for yourself, finding nutritious and cost-effective alternatives can be tough. I look forward to making that part of life easier for others and will offer that in a manner that makes it feel like mom and dads own home-cooking.

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