Information about Sidecook

Welcome to Sidecook!

Sidecook is an online platform connecting you to talented personal chefs in your city. We strive to make your everyday life easier, healthier and more fun by giving you access to personal chefs nationwide. Our Sidecooks specialize in a variety of services, cooking philosophies, and styles including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free cuisine.

Why Sidecook?

Try a new cuisine. Host a dinner party. Meal prep for the week. Transition into a new diet with ease. Connect with your community. Manage your free time. Learn about a new culture. Brainstorm on a project. Improve your cooking skills. Meet new people. Attend night class. Spend quality time with your family and friends.

It's easy for you to select and pay your Sidecook on our platform. Browse Sidecooks based on your location, price range, dietary needs or cuisine, select the Sidecook that best suits your needs and click on "Request Sidecook". We work with PayPal to provide you with secure credit card and PayPal transactions. 

Take a Look: 

Peer-reviewed studies show that individuals who regularly consume home cooked meals eat a healthier diet and have better overall health.

Frequency of eating home cooked meals and potential benefits for diet and health: cross-sectional analysis of a population-based cohort study

Is cooking at home associated with better diet quality or weight-loss intention?